Shake Shack Has a Shack Track & Field Running Club

Make some room for burgers and fries with the restaurant’s monthly run.

How many miles does it take to burn off a Shake Shack burger and fries? Find out at Shake Shack's Track & Field running club, which takes place the second Tuesday of each month. Photograph by Flickr user KayOne73.

Have you ever wondered how many miles you’d have to run to burn off a Shake Shack burger?

You can find out Tuesday, October 8, when Shake Shack hosts another Shack Track & Field run through DC.

In case you missed the news, a few months ago Shake Shack Dupont Circle began hosting monthly runs through DC. Because really, you’ve gotta burn off that Shake Shack meal off somehow.

The run is held the second Tuesday of each month and starts at 7 PM at Pacers running store in Logan Circle. Runners get a 45-minute to an hour-long tour of the monuments and end at Shake Shack in Dupont Circle, where they can reward themselves with juicy burgers, fries, and shakes.

Shake Shack also hosts Shack Track & Field clubs in New York City, Philadelphia, and Miami.The DC runs have been drawing crowds of 60 to 75 runners every month, according to Pacers. Says Shake Shack area director Allan Ng, “Shack Track & Field was inspired by my passion for running, and I’ve always found it’s a fun way to bring people of all ages together, just like Shake Shack.”

Joining the run club comes with a few perks, too, besides delicious post-run rewards. Runners can check their bags at Pacers, which will then deliver them to Shake Shack. And if you buy a Shack Track & Field shirt for $10, you’ll get a coupon card for a complimentary drink valid at each monthly run.

For the record, the average 150-pound person will burn 681 calories running at a ten-minute mile pace for an hour. That’ll get you a single 490-calorie Shackburger or a 640-calorie vanilla shake. (We say go for the burger and split a side a fries with a running buddy.)