Where to Get Your Yoga Pants Hemmed for Free

Exercise pants or tops too long? These stores will tailor them at no extra cost.

Yoga pants too long? Certain fitness clothing stores such as Lululemon and Athleta offer complimentary hemming services. Photograph via Shutterstock.

I’m 5-foot-9, which means too-long pants have never been an issue for me. Which is why I only just found out (thanks to my much shorter roommate) that Lululemon offers hemming services on its pants—for free!

It’s not the only fitness apparel store that offers complimentary hemming services, although there aren’t that many more. We did some poking around and found out that you can also get free hemming on pants and tops at Athleta in Georgetown or with online orders at Land’s End and LL Bean.

Here’s the long and short of each store’s hemming services:

Lululemon: Free hemming on pants
The service has been offered in stores since 1998. Bring your Lululemon pants into any store—even if you bought them at another store or online—and they’ll be hemmed for free. It’s a three-day turnaround. No alterations and no receipt required.

Athleta: Free hemming on pants, skirts, and dresses
Athleta in Georgetown has a tailor come in a couple of times a week who will hem your Athleta pants, skirts, or dresses at no cost, and can also let out a hem if there is enough material. Expect a three-day turnaround.

Land’s End: Free hemming and cuffing online
Land’s End offers free hemming and cuffing on its trousers and pants, but only with purchases through its website. You must specify your cuffing or hemming range during your order. Requests take one or two extra days of processing time.

LL Bean: Free alterations

The outfitter will alter the inseams on select unfinished pants free of charge. Choose your inseam size when ordering. This includes hiking pants but not running tights. Minor alterations can also be made by phone request for a small fee. 

Do you know of another fitness store that will hem clothing for free? Let us know in the comments!