Communion Wafer Burgers, Candy Corn Oreos, and Life Lessons From an Ice Cream Shop: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of some of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

Would this burger taste better if it were topped with the body of Christ? Photograph by Erick Uecke.


A restaurant in Chicago is serving a burger called the Ghost, which is topped with a communion wafer. Wonder how the body of Christ tastes with ketchup. [Serious Eats]
—Tanya Pai

Two things I loathe are fighting each other: religion and fad diets. There’s no winner here. [Huffington Post] —Chris Campbell

Hanukkah and Thanksgiving on the same day?! I guess that calls for a matzoducken and, as Colbert puts it, yams lasting for eight nights. [Eater National] —Anna Spiegel

Life Lessons

“It’s important to know when it’s time to turn in your kazoo,” and other life lessons Amy Poehler learned during a summer job at an ice cream shop. [New Yorker] —Ann Limpert

Restaurateurs, take note: Names like “Gristle” and “Three” might not make the best names for restaurants. Here’s why. [Guardian] —AS

Edible Innovations 

Splitting restaurant checks is the worst. Is Google about to make our lives a little less awkward? [Eater] —Jessica Voelker 

Uh, okay: A Japanese company has invented a gadget that when plugged into a smartphone will release the scent of grilled meat. Supposedly it’s to help broke college kids fool their brains into thinking they’re eating something other than ramen. Good luck? [Laughing Squid] —TP

I used to eat stacks of Oreos as a child. But this? This is an abomination, even if it’s just for Halloween. [NPR] —CC

Dangerous Eats

Apparently the FDA is only able to inspect about 2 percent of imported foods when it’s at full manpower—which, of course, it currently is not. BuzzFeed helpfully rounds up some safety tips and foods you will want to stay away from. [BuzzFeed] —TP

Some people hate the federal government until they realize the government actually does things they like, such as keeping us from food poisoning. [NBC] —CC

Even More Dangerous Restaurants 

Smokers, hippies, jorts fans, and table-flipping Real Housewives might want to proceed into these restaurants with caution. [BuzzFeed] —AL

Sorry, but I have no sympathy for people who eat at places like this for the novelty of it. You know it’s disgusting too. [Huffington Post] —CC

There have been 19 Dunkin Donuts robberies in Massachusetts since March, and Bostonians are not pleased. [Boston Globe] —JV