Dating Website Credits Shutdown for Major Hookup Surge

Hey, a lot of federal employees have had two and a half weeks of free time on their hands.
The Washington area is responsible for a surge in the number of messages and hookups exchanged by users of Zoosk, a dating website that claims 40 million members, said in a press release as Congress appeared to be reaching a settlement to the shutdown.
During the shutdown’s second week, the site’s DC users showed a 45.6 percent increase in the number of profiles viewed, and a 48 percent rise in the number of instant messages sent.
And the trolling for dates only accelerated as the shutdown dragged on. During the first week, the number of Washington-area users who expressed a desire to meet others rose by 91.6 percent. That figure rose to 110 percent in the second week.
Of course, one doesn’t need to go through a professional dating site to find some shutdown loving. As we noted a couple weeks ago, Craigslist is teeming with offers to make a good time out of unpaid leave.

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