The White House Garden in Disarray, Bathroom-Themed Restaurants, and Cracking Down on Trolls: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of some of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

Toilet paper or napkins? It could be either at LA's new themed restaurant. Image via Shutterstock.

Get Nostalgic 

The excellent Streets of Washington blog takes a look at fine dining in the 1950s. I’m loving the old photos. [Streets of Washington] —Jessica Voelker

New York Times readers share their favorite memories and recipes of legendary cookbook author Marcella Hazan, who passed away last week at 89. Read, and get inspired for dinner. (I love her simple yet so delicious lobster salad). [NYT] —Anna Spiegel

This week in science proving me a happy man: Everywhere I drink a whiskey, a little bit of that local flavor comes through. [NPR] —Chris Campbell

Dubious Delights

Dessert Pringles join candy corn Oreos as a hybrid snack food I will never be consuming. [Consumerist] —Tanya Pai 

I am not really a fan of all the pumpkin-spiced hoo-ha that floods stores and restaurants this time of year, so this trailer for Pumpkin Spice: The Movie both hit home and made me laugh uncontrollably at my desk. [Consumerist] —TP

Trolls, Begone! 

Eater rocked the food-news world this week by overhauling its comment system—now acrimonious trolls wishing to comment on the physical appearance of chefs, restaurateurs, and host editors will have to sign in to do so. [Eater] —JV

Not-So-Secret Garden

This is the White House garden in shutdown mode, and it ain’t pretty. [Obama Foodorama] —JV

In my mind, the fox now residing in the White House garden is voiced by George Clooney and drinking apple cider. [The Atlantic] —CC

Tricks of the Eye

Interesting look into how the design of wine labels convinces me (and you) to spend more on wine. [NPR] —CC

You know the old adage, “Don’t shit where you eat?” Well, someone turned the opposite of that into a theme restaurant. [Eater] —AS

Sure, this life-size unicorn cake is lovely to look at. Then again, who dare say unicorns are only that tall?!? [Huffington Post] —CC

You have to check out this incredible food art blogger Samantha Lee creates for her kids. A rice-and-nori Wednesday Addams! My middle-school self is filled with glee. [Instagram] —TP

Home Cookin’

I geek out over cookbooks, and hence this conversation between the authors of the upcoming Toro Bravo cookbook, centered on the Portland restaurant of the same name. [McSweeney’s] —AS