Gold Cup Horse Races 2013

Tailgate judge Ype von Hengst of Silver Diner gives a thumbs up to the spread produced by Cindi Miller, who eventually won first place in the competition.

Cindi Miller discusses the magic in her pulled pork. She’s wearing red and black, her favorite colors and the theme of her tailgate party.

Doesn’t every tailgate party have a chandelier? Cindi Miller’s did.

As judge Adam Caskey looks on, tailgate competition contest Alexandra Mannino explains her gluten-free menu. She won second place.

Alexandra Mannino’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

Vanessa Procter tells the tailgate judges about the foods she made. She won an honorable mention for some crazy cupcakes.

Charlie, 3½, and Vanessa Procter show off the horse-themed cupcakes Charlie helped design and decorate for Procter’s tailgate party. They won an honorable mention.

Blustery skies, horses, jockeys, and colorful silks gave the Gold Cup races the look of a painting.

This group from the British Embassy won an honorable mention for their exuberance and cleverness, and their good manners in inviting baby Prince George to the Gold Cup races.

A French tailgate party out of the rear of a British Jaguar, this entry from Rebecca Young was called “Les Plaisirs de la France.”

“Les Plaisirs de la France” didn’t win the tailgate competition, but it was entertaining and colorful.

Taylor Carter, on the right, put together her tailgate party as a birthday celebration for her mother, Robin. The theme was “laugh, live, love.”

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