Chefs Stealing Weeds, Sriracha in the Air, and a Recipe for Fake Blood: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

The best recipe for fake blood. Yum? Image via Shutterstock.

Boo Part II

Happy Halloween! Here’s a recipe for fake blood, which the Guardian tells us is apparently called “Kensington gore” in the biz. [Guardian] —Sophie Gilbert

Need a quick Halloween treat (especially if you’re a busy parent)? This should do the trick, only a sheet cake and dismembered Barbie needed. [Dinner: A Love Story] —Anna Spiegel

“Look away, I’m hideous!” So says the deep-fried-Twinkie burger. [Huffington Post]
—Chris Campbell

If you thought last week’s grisly revelations couldn’t be topped, here in video form is why you should probably steer clear of street food in China. [Washington Post] —SG

First a cocoa shortage, now this. I don’t mean to overreact, but if the world runs out of wine I will probably die. [Huffington Post] —SG


Chefs Out of Line 

Only in Portland: Foraging chefs are raiding an apartment complex’s yard for greens and weeds. According to the building’s manager, he can detect their presence by their scent: “like brisket.” No mention of what they look like, but Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein can’t be too far away. [KATU via Grub Street] —Ann Limpert

Bucking the tradition of 50-year-old sushi chefs still waiting to succeed their predecessors à la Jiro Dreams of Sushi, New York’s “fish-and-rice specialists” are going rogue at an early age. [New York Times] —AS

Break the rules of staging at Noma and risk having your name on an international blacklist. Or so it seems. [Eater National] —AS


Are You Going to Breathe That?

Sriracha—nice on your pho, not so nice in the air you breathe. [LA Times] —AL



If you’re a high-end vegan who enjoys Korean octopus lobster rolls and cocktails on tap, congratulations! You’re the coolest in 2013. [Forbes] —SG

Like having friends over but don’t want the inconvenience of having to open a cooler and hand them a beer? Put the Cooler Cannon on your holiday wish list. [Laughing Squid]
—Tanya Pai 

I haven’t been to Jaleo recently to see the iPad menu, but I wonder how much time is spent cleaning off sangria from fumbling diners. [NPR] —CC


Fast Times at Ridgemont Brewery

Why I wish to be young again: Apparently you can now learn beer-brewing in high school. Like you ever use calculus anyway. [Huffington Post] —CC


Life Inspirations . . . or Not

Is famed chef and Michelin star collector Alain Ducasse obsessed with those cheesy motivational posters featuring mountain climbers, sailboats, and words like “success” and “tenacity”? His staff manual sure makes it seem like it. [Mad Feed] —AL

Wired crunches the numbers and comes up with an empirical answer to the oh-so-zeitgeisty question: “Does bacon make everything better?” [Wired] —TP

If you lived in New York, San Francisco, or Seattle, you could have had Uber deliver actual happiness—in the form of cupcakes with a side of kittens to snuggle with—to your office yesterday (which apparently was National Cat Day). But you don’t. Because life is unfair. [Grub Street] —TP


Back It Up Like a Produce Truck

If you do nothing else today, watch Stephen Colbert “make it rain” endive. And in the show’s tradition of “rocket-propelled grenades of truth,” the vegetable is pronounced ahn-DEEV. [Eater National] —AS