Beer at Church, Speed Chicken, and Mexican Coke in Peril: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

Go to church, get a beer. Hey, it worked for the monks. Image via Shutterstock.

Sad Goodbyes 

Highly influential chef Charlie Trotter passed suddenly this week at the young age of 54. Writer Jay McInerney has an insightful Town & Country piece about the toque from September 2012 at the close of his famed Chicago restaurant. There’s also a great tribute to Trotter from his hometown newspaper. [Chicago Tribune] —Anna Spiegel

The 27-year-old Athens, Georgia, restaurant Weaver D’s—made famous by REM when the band titled its seminal 1992 album Automatic for the People after the eatery’s slogan—calls it quits. [Eatocracy] —Jessica Voelker

The next war between the US and Canada will be fought over lobster money. Not guns, taxes, alcohol, or blankets for winter. Lobsters. [Salon] —JV


Alternative Approaches

Go to mass, get a six-pack of beer? Maybe next churches will rewrite the story to be how Jesus turned water into lager. [NPR] —Chris Campbell

Wired takes a look at recent articles on the widespread use of antibiotics in our farming culture, and asks whether mass opinion may be turning. [Wired] —Todd Kliman

Glow-in-the-dark ice cream is a cool idea, but kind of pointless given that everyone knows the cold stuff tastes best in furtive spoonfuls straight from the carton while standing in front of the open freezer in your PJs. [Grub Street] —Tanya Pai


Cross-Country Cuisine

I enjoyed this guide to the signature sandwiches of each state—though some may quibble with its claim that DC-3 is the District’s top destination for half-smokes. [Zagat] —TP


Fast Food 

What fuels the fastest man alive? Bite-size chunks of mystery chicken, as it happens. [New York Post] —JV

Think eating fried alligator is adventurous? Try hunting for it first like these chefs. [New York Times] —AS


Mission Aborted 

No Kung Pao pastrami for you. Following two DOH closures in just over a month, Danny Bowien temporary closes the NYC branch of his hipster-Asian juggernaut. [Eater] —JV


Big Reveals

The secrets behind Modernist Cuisine’s food photography (i.e., how they made it so damn cool). [NPR] —CC

You know things must be bad in Syria if KFC decides to bolt. [The Atlantic] —TK 


Home Cooking 

I love Molly Wizenberg’s blog, Orangette. Often I’ll have just asked myself a question like, “What’s a really great recipe for squash soup?,” and she’ll have a timely answer/post. I can’t wait to try this one. [Orangette] —AS


Let Them Drink Water

Oh, no! What are all the pierced, tatted, Chuck-wearing foodies going to drink with their $16 bowls of ramen? [Slate] —TK