The Role of Women Chefs, McRib Reality, and Food Thieves: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

Try looking at a raw McRib. Image via Shutterstock.

False Idols 

Mother Jones’s Tom Philpott talks to lady chefs about the much-discussed Time bro-fest “Gods of Food.” Could it be women chefs prefer creating places people want to dine—and work—in rather than chasing those Michelin stars? [Mother Jones] —Jessica Voelker

I read some BS explaining about how female chefs aren’t cool enough to make a Time magazine list. [Eater] —Chris Campbell

In praise of the goddesses of food. [Grub Street] —Anna Spiegel


Gird your constitutions: This is what frozen McRib meat actually looks like. [Gothamist] —Sophie Gilbert

Find Your Happy Place

The New Yorker’s roundup of 14 artists’ food-related art projects is pure eye candy, and proves once more why playing with your food is awesome. [New Yorker] —Tanya Pai

As a lover of a good nightcap—especially a nice bourbon, or Manhattan if it’s an indulgent night—this speaks to me. [Esquire] —AS

This week, everyone is talking about the spider egg sack a London lady found in her banana. I’d rather think about this London company that delivers local beer to offices on Friday afternoon. [Grist] —JV

Five-Finger Discounts

Confidential to budding burglars: Best not to Instagram the fast-food feast you purchased with a purloined credit card. [Grub Street] —JV

File under: Reasons never dine and dash at a sushi restaurant. [Grub Street] —TP 

Reality Check

The brothers Wahlberg are getting a reality show about their burger restaurants, Wahlburgers. Feel free to make your own Marky Mark/buns joke. [Boston Magazine] —TP

Health Consciousness

Can a Mediterranean makeover make Thanksgiving dinner healthy? Maybe, maybe not—but it sure looks delicious. [Bon Appétit] —SG

Among these food facts that you can ignore or heed at your peril: Soda is better for you than juice, or some such nonsense. [Time] —CC