Olivia Pope’s Most Stunning Gala Gowns

Biggest Surprise: The backless Calvin Klein halter Olivia wore to the state dinner in season one’s third episode.

Best Vintage Display: Though it appeared an entire season ago, fans are still talking about the Jean Fares Couture gown Olivia wore to the president’s almost-birthday party. Season two, episode seven.

Most Attainable: This gorgeous Michael Kors number, as seen in season two, episode eight, was sold in stores last year for around $370.

Best American Designer Cameo/Most Likely to Make Fitz Cry: It’s edgy, silk, geometric—some of our favorite things in an outfit. Paired with elbow-length gloves and an updo (which we’ve never seen on Olivia before), this look was a true head-turner. Season three, episode five.

Best Overall: Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo once told E! News that she purposely dresses the character in striking black and white patterns to represent the character’s internal conflicts: “Am I good? Am I bad? What have I done?” We’d say this Escada gown, with a flattering silhouette and just enough striking detail to maintain the dress’s simplicity, is doing nothing but good. Season two, episode 15.


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