Cold-Remedy Cocktails, Alternative Thanksgivings, and One Sad Gravy Boat: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of some of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

It's a boat . . . on a table! Image via Shutterstock.

Thanksgiving: Vegetarian, Jewish, and Otherwise

ASAP Rocky is a vegetarian and is sad that his family ignores his dietary preferences on Thanksgiving. Come to my house, ASAP—we can eat Brussels sprouts and pout together. [Grub Street] —Tanya Pai

Thanksgiving pastrami from Mission Chinese toque Danny Bowien. Not just for Thanksgivukkah anymore. [New York Times] —Anna Spiegel

The New Republic says Thanksgiving is America’s greatest holiday. As a Brit, I concur. It’s my favorite day of the year. [New Republic] —Sophie Gilbert 

Eleven ways to cook a perfect Thanksgiving turkey, including a hot bubble bath. [The Onion] —Benjamin Freed

The team from America’s Test Kitchen troubleshoot Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t stuff the turkey! And let it rest before you carve it. [NPR] —SG

President Obama is “pardoning” two turkeys today. If they’re anything like the others, they’ll be dead in a year. [US News] —BF

Pity the poor, unloved, used-only-one-day-a-year gravy boat. [McSweeney’s] —SG


Forget Nyquil—Bon App to the rescue with cold-curing cocktail recipes. [Bon Appétit]

Soon-to-be-Londoner Ari Shapiro shares a peek at his drinking life, which involves infusing liquors at home and seeking out local beers everywhere he travels. [Punch] —TP

Restaurants vs. Technology 

Only in Seattle: A diner is kicked out for wearing Google Glass, rebels on Facebook. [Eater National] —AS

This idea is genius . . . until you realize it would cripple the entire DC restaurant scene. [Globe and Mail] —Chris Campbell

New Zealand vs. the Paleo Diet

New Zealand takes on the Paleo diet. One thing they note: Cavemen didn’t live very long. [New Zealand Herald] —CC

No Soup for You

Millennials aren’t eating as much soup as their forbears, according to the Washington Post’s intrepid and ever-expanding millennials desk. [Post] —BF

Food Truck News: The Good and Bad

DC’s Rito Loco food truck made a Forbes list of 25 Coolest Food Trucks in the country. [Forbes] —CC

I quit frequenting a certain food truck because it served its wares in oversize foam to-go containers in protest of the environmental waste. Here’s hoping NYC’s potential ban makes its way down I-95. [ABC News] —CC

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