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Salaries Washingtonians Make

What do some of the highest-paid people in Washington make?

If money is one sign of success, who are some of the highest-paid people in Washington? Here’s a sampling of CEOs, athletes, and others who pull down big earnings. Numbers include, where applicable, base salary plus bonuses and other compensation.

$3.0 Million

Wolf Blitzer
CNN anchor

$49.9 Million

David Zaslav
President and CEO of Discovery Communications

$5.8 Million

Gracia Martore
CEO of Gannett

$16.6 Million

Jayson Werth
Washington Nationals outfielder

$7.3 Million

Lisa Hook
CEO of Neustar

$8.1 Million

Pierre GarÇon
Washington Redskins wide receiver

$2.8 Million

J.W. Marriott Jr.
Executive chairman of Marriott International

$22.6 Million

Richard Fairbank
CEO and chairman of Capital One

$6.2 Million

Marillyn Hewson
CEO of Lockheed Martin