Afternoon Shots: January 9

A new coach for the Redskins, a new librarian for DC, and more stuff to consider tonight.

Most members of Congress are worth more than $1 million. [Capital Comment]

Virginia only has 40 doctors for 30,000 prisoners. [WAMU]

Congressional Republicans are meddling with DC abortion rights again. [Capital Comment]

DC’s new head librarian isĀ Richard Reyes-Gavilan, who’s leaving the Brooklyn Public Library. [Post]

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, who might have an interesting weekend coming up, apologized for his gifts scandal. [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

New head coach Jay “Bro of Chucky” Gruden says 3-13 football team has “a core foundation in place.” [Capital Comment]

Imaginary political fixer Olivia Pope would have handled very real Governor Chris Christie’s problems in a minute. [Reliable Source]

Chef John Mooney’s Bidwell opened today in Union Market. [Best Bites]

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