Afternoon Shots: January 14

A hotline for the Silver Line, Bronx cheers for Michel Richard's New York restaurant, and more to chew on tonight.

Mayor Vince Gray leads a poll in the DC mayoral race, but he’s vulnerable. [Capital Comment]

Phase 1 of the Silver Line isn’t even open yet, but there’s a hotline for Phase 2. [Dr. Gridlock]

The Boston Globe says it’s time for Washington’s football team to retire its name. [Boston Globe]

NSA leaker Edward Snowden gets a new job with the Press Freedom Foundation. [National Journal]

Michelle Obama’s gown from last year’s inauguration is now on display at the┬áNational Museum of American History. [Shop Around]

Area zoo to use Instagram to hype giant panda cub. [Capital Comment]

Michel Richard’s new restaurant in New York City is getting some mediocre reviews. [Best Bites]

Members of Congress read nasty tweets about themselves. [Capital Comment]

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