Artisanal Toast, the “Cragel” Craze, and a Rap Video for Sheep: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of some of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

San Franciscans love their $7 artisanal toast. Do you? Image via Shutterstock.

Cracking the Goose Egg

How does Michel Richard roll in Flavor Town? Not as poorly as Guy Fieri, but pretty damned close. [New York Times] —Benjamin Freed

Eater takes Pete Wells’s zero-star skewering of Villard and adds some cuddly polar bears and pandas. [Eater] —Ann Limpert

In addition to all its Michel Richard-bashing this week, the New York Times ran this swoony profile of Bobby Flay, whom it calls the “George Clooney of American gastronomy.” Methinks someone has a crush. [NYT] —Sophie Gilbert

Why Not?

Because the world needs more (or, really, any) dinosaur-shaped foods that don’t come from the freezer aisle of the grocery store. [NPR] —Tanya Pai

“We refer to it as a rap video for sheep.” Granted, sheep pop far less Cristal. [Eater National] —Anna Spiegel

So $7 artisanal toast is apparently now a big thing in San Francisco. Somewhere out there, Chloë Sevigny is nodding with a mouthful of King’s Hawaiian sweet bread. [Pacific Standard] —AL

Watch people consume edible Play-Doh on purpose, because we all did it once as kids and now it’s acceptable. [Gizmodo] —Chris Campbell

What’s worse than a cronut? A “cragel.” It’s a bagel made out of croissant dough. Or maybe a croissant made out of bagel dough. I don’t even know anymore. Just be glad they don’t invent any of this nonsense in Washington. [New York Daily News] —BF

Your Jim Beam and your Maker’s Mark are now technically Japanese, which gives us a great excuse to say, Bill Murray style, “It’s Suntory time…” [Huffington Post] —SG

Mmm, French Fries

Twenty-one things that happen when you don’t eat meat—plus one pretty great Tommy Lee Jones gif. [BuzzFeed] —AS

Finding Meaning

Boston’s Jolyon Helterman makes a case for reclaiming the dreaded f-word that is, in our offices—as at so many publications—verbum non gratum. [Boston magazine] —TP

They may not have snow or cold temperatures or basic human rights in Sochi, but they do have 70,000 gallons of borscht. You win some, you lose some. [NPR] —SG


Reidel is making Coke glasses? Clearing space in the cabinet right now. [Bloomberg Businessweek] —AL

This map of more than 2,500 American breweries could be the most important map ever. And, considering how many new breweries are coming online, it’s almost certainly outdated. [Pop Chart Lab] —BF

According to research by an Alexandria firm, I need to start a support group called Liberals Who Love Brown Liquor. [Globe and Mail] —CC

Unappetizing Propositions 

This food writer’s experience of losing her sense of taste sounds like my worst nightmare, closely followed by my fear of clowns. [New York Times] —CC

I’ve been intrigued by vertical farming, but I’ll take a pass on bugs being the next food frontier. [CBC News] —CC

Millennial Update 

This week in millennial food trends: “Mobile apps are almost a necessity with millennials.” Also, I wanted to link to a website called Pizza Marketplace. [Pizza Marketplace] —BF