5 Exercises to Help Get Rid of Cellulite

Try these moves three times a week for just five minutes.

Here’s the good news about cellulite: With the right exercise regimen and a healthy diet, its unsightly appearance can be reduced. Even better: It doesn’t require hours at the gym performing lunges, says personal trainer Allyn Blind.

The key to reducing the appearance of cellulite? Short bursts—as little as five minutes—of high-intensity exercise, which research shows is as effective as continuous, moderate exercise and which helps the body burn more fat and calories after a workout.

“And don’t just include lower-body movements,” Blind says. “You want full-body movements that are quick and effective.”

Next time you’re at the gym, try Blind’s cellulite-reducing workout, which takes six minutes three times a week and needs little equipment.

Do these for 30 seconds each. Repeat the entire set twice. Once you feel comfortable with the workout, bump it up to three sets and do each exercise for 60 seconds.


For this exercise named after physical-education expert Royal H. Burpee, who developed it, squat and kick your legs back into a pushup position. Do a pushup, then jump up into a standing position. Repeat in one fluid motion.

Squat Jump

Begin in a squat position and jump to standing, then in one fluid motion return to a squat and repeat.

Treadmill Sprint

Sprint on the treadmill for 60 seconds. If a treadmill isn’t available, jump-rope instead.

Squat to Press

While holding lightweight dumbbells at your sides, squat. As you return to a standing position, extend your arms, pressing the weights above your head.

Side Lunge

Standing straight, lunge to your right, bending your right knee 90 degrees with your left leg straight. Return to starting position and repeat on the other side. For more challenge, hold free weights.

Illustrations by Pete Sucheski.