Women’s Roles in the Kitchen, Tough Taco Times, and Burger Rankings: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

Would anyone drive a drunk guy to Taco Bell if he paid in tacos (and wasn’t a creeper)? Answers below. Image via Shutterstock.

A Woman’s Place

“A leading kitchen run by a woman is no longer newsworthy. But it is not quite commonplace, either. . . .” Julia Moskin takes a smart look at women’s roles in the kitchen and the future of the industry. [New York Times] —Anna Spiegel 

Consumer Reviews

Ray’s Hell Burger (RIP) is named the 13th-most influential hamburger of all time, four spots ahead of The Simpsons’ Krusty Burger, but not good enough to beat last summer’s horrific ramen burger. [A Hamburger Today] —Benjamin Freed

Here’s a fun prank for April Fools’ Day: Replace the contents of a bag of regular gummy bears with the sugar-free kind and give it to your least favorite person*. [BuzzFeed] —Tanya Pai 


Dinner theater often means rewarmed plates of chicken marsala. But not at New York’s Queen of the Night, where the audience is served foie gras gougères and birdcages filled with lobster. [Grub Street] —Ann Limpert

Artist Nathan Wyburn renders his celebrity portraits in things like Marmite and Nutella. And though it’s hard to stomach the thought of the smell, his vision of Katy Perry in cat food is actually quite good. [BuzzFeed] —AL 

Today in Taco News . . . 

Already-wealthy Taco Bell owner sent to jail after collecting Social Security benefits in his late mother’s name for 23 years. Turn that into a Doritos Locos taco flavor. [Gawker] —BF

Tired of reading about the freezing weather? Just glance at the headline “Snow-Trapped Drunk Man Makes Craigslist Plea for Emergency Taco Bell,” and try not to click. [Gawker] —AS

America’s Youth 

This week in millennial food trends: “I know it’s more expensive, but it’s a little healthier in terms of fast food, and you feel better after you eat it,” says one millennial on why she prefers carbohydrate palaces Panera, Corner Bakery, and Chipotle to McDonald’s. In response, McDonald’s says it will try to buy all of its beef from “verifiably sustainable” sources. Whatever that means. [Medill Reports] —BF

What are the kids up to these days? Snorting Smarties, apparently. It’s like whippets, minus the high, plus the risk of “nose maggots.” [Eater National] —AS

Pass the Broccoli 

A kind of food poisoning you get from fish can be transmitted through sexual contact, which is one of the few arguments I’ve heard in favor of dating a vegan. [io9] —TP

Rotten Ideas 

Consumer tip: Don’t store your credit card info on your refrigerator. [Wall Street Journal] —Chris Campbell 

Sure, enjoy a banana now and then. Just don’t eat 15 of them in one sitting. [CNN] —CC

Endangered Edibles 

“It’s the end of the cinnamon roll as we know it.” Danish baked goods face dire times. [Modern Farmer] —TP

Shortage crises (allegedly) abound for Velveeta, some bourbons, and Sriracha. But you can drown your sorrows in all the California wine possible. [SFGate] —CC

Room for Change

If you haven’t seen the excellent documentary The Cove, go watch it. Japan is still defending this disgusting practice. [New York Times] —CC 

Maybe I’ve watched Bee Movie a few too many times, but I seem to care way more about declining bee populations than anyone else I know. Along comes the internet to (hopefully) help save the day. [Quartz] —CC

Let’s Talk About Syria (Or Not)

Intrepid UK bartender attempts citizens arrest of Tony Blair; Tony Blair don’t care. [Grub Street] —TP

*I don’t actually endorse pranking anyone in this way. Unless they really deserve it.