Food as Art, Doritos Gone Wild, and the Best Use of Kickstarter Ever: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the stuff we’re reading this week.

A Kickstarter campaign to buy a Chipotle burrito? Uh, why not? Photograph by Flickr user Aranami.

Artful Food 

A picture of a cake of Mars. [Explore] —Todd Kliman

Andrew Carmellini is one of my favorite chefs, and this illustrated “10 Commandments of Being an NYC Chef” is just another reason why. [Food Republic via Eater] —Anna Spiegel

In this week’s edition of art and food, this artist incorporates food items into his doodles. [Daily Mail] —Chris Campbell

Nacho Ordinary Cheese Stick 

Doritos is testing its mozzarella-stick-like Doritos Loaded bites at area 7-Eleven stores, which is really convenient for when you spend too long at Rumors. [Yahoo] —Tanya Pai

We conducted a taste test. This ain’t no Doritos Loco Taco. [Best Bites Blog] —AS

Eating and Traveling

Six writers reflect on eating in Paris. Damn them one and all for making me so ravenous. [Tin House] —TK

Snack Attack

I say this as a fan of both McVitie’s biscuits and small, furry animals: These commercials are seriously creepy. [Laughing Squid] —TP

A Chicago man launched a Kickstarter campaign to buy a Chipotle burrito. His goal was $8; he’s raised more than $200 so far. Whatever you think of Chipotle, this is perhaps the best use of Kickstarter ever. [Kickstarter] —Benjamin Freed

Learning From History

The Dust Bowl is back—this time in California. [New York Times] —TK 

Amanda Moniz explores the history of black-authored cookbooks for the American Food Roots blog, raising important questions in the effort to bring light to recipes from the past. When does authenticity matter? When is it more important to adapt? For interested parties, Moniz will be offering a class, Food and Freedom, on February 22 at the Hill Center. [American Food Roots] —TK


An ode to the original mocktail—the grenadine-red Shirley Temple. [NPR] —Ann Limpert

As a kid, I used to order a Shirley Temple every time my parents would let me. I was probably also whining about wanting an Old Fashioned. [Time] —TP

South Koreans tip back an average of almost 12 shots of liquor per week. Guess you gotta find happiness somewhere. [Time] —CC

Let Them Eat Meat (Or Beets)

And here you thought kissing babies was pandering: South African President Jacob Zuma is promising to slaughter cattle if his ANC party gets 90 percent of the vote in a key province in eastern South Africa. [City Press] —TK

Stock up on food for the coming snowstorm, fight the ice, and avoid the crazy people fighting over milk. The magic of beets. [Time] —CC

This Seems Like It Needs a Pie Chart

According to the USDA, on any given day, 13 percent of people in the US eat pizza. I can only assume that percentage went up since marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington. [US Food Policy] —TP

This article about Rockaway Beach’s “pizza nazi” contains about three times the profanity you’d expect from an article about pizza. [Grub Street] —TP

Big Bucks

OF COURSE the Dumb Starbucks Twitter account has 14,000 followers. [Twitter] —TP