Phone Food Photography 101, the Game of Thrones Dining Blog, and Justice Scalia on Pizza: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the stuff we’re reading this week.

Is this Chicago deep dish really pizza? Supreme Court Justice Scalia doesn’t think so. Photograph via Shutterstock.

Tweet Smart

Andrew Zimmern—who has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram—offers some smart advice on DIY food photography in restaurants. [Bon Appétit] —Ann Limpert

Martha Stewart should a) take the advice, and b) return to tweeting (non-hideous) food pictures. This is why. [BuzzFeed] —Anna Spiegel


Seven hells. Why am I just now discovering this food blog inspired by Game of Thrones? [Inn at the Crossroads] —Benjamin Freed

Controversial Pie

Is Chicago-style deep dish really pizza? The Supreme Court (fine, or just Justice Scalia) rules no. [The Salt] —Tanya Pai

The development of a battlefield-ready pizza that stays good for up to three years is perhaps the most important research project the US military has ever undertaken. [AP] —BF

Yet another reason I prefer Domino’s to Pizza Hut: pee-free sinks. [Gawker] —AS

This Week in Millennial Food Trends

Vice is launching a food channel aimed at millennials. We should anticipate provocative, grabby headlines like “Paula Deen Shares Her Thoughts on Black-and-White Cookies.” [Variety] —BF

More Pubs, Please

Are British pubs going the way of the dodo? Get your honest pints while you can. [New York Times] —AS

Mon Dieu!

A French restaurant critic slams Michelin. [Eater National] —AS