Girl Scout Cookies Revealed, More Potent Miller, and the Famous Doughnut Tip: Eating & Reading

A roundup of the tasty stuff we’re reading this week.

Don’t go there, for multiple reasons. Image via Shutterstock.

Sweet Nothings 

In 2003 I was both probably reading Cosmo and working in a restaurant right next to a Krispy Kreme—yet somehow I don’t remember the infamous intersection of the two. Slate takes a look at the history of the pastry-themed Sex Tip Number 30. [Slate] —Tanya Pai

Surprisingly, Domino’s took it in stride when a customer complained after having “relations” with one of its pizzas. [Huffington Post] —Chris Campbell 

Long Waits

The ten-seat “multisensory” restaurant in Shanghai called Ultraviolet, housed in an undisclosed location, is one of the toughest reservations in the world. And you thought it was hard to get a table at Rose’s Luxury. [Eater National] —Anna Spiegel

Sad Foods

The dude who posts photos of “Cheetos that look like stuff” on “Cheese Curls of Instagram” must have hands, like, covered with cheesy dust. Uh, the bowl is cashed. Time for a repack? [Huffington Post] —Benjamin Freed

The grocery lists of (almost) adult singles. I can identify with the “dying alone, fancy” version. [McSweeney’s] —AS

Loco Taco 

In Taco Bell news that does not involve the Waffle Taco, a Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Taco Bell employee named Levi stabbed his coworker during lunch and then attempted to take one of the responding police officers’ guns. When Levi was finally subdued, the arresting officer suffered a heart attack. [KOTV] —BF

Just the Facts

It’s that time of year again when Girl Scouts start badgering you to buy their addictive goods. Here’re some useful facts about those cookies. [Huffington Post] —CC

Pretty sure Jumbo Slice is what’s skewing the data in this chart of DC pizza prices. [NPR] —CC 

I Don’t Like You Anymore

Sbarro is closing 155 locations, most of them in shopping mall food courts. Where will teenagers break up now? [Associated Press] —BF

Can’t stand tomatoes or seafood? You might just love them later. A look at how personal tastes change over time. [New York Times] —AS 

This Week in Millennial Food Trends

MillerCoors introduces a beer with 6.9 percent alcohol by volume to compete with hard liquor for the millennial market. Or, to put it more directly, millennials like to get drunk quicker. [New York Times] —BF

“Got Milk?” is dead. Milk is, apparently, all about life now. [NPR] —CC