5 Hot Workouts to Get You Through Winter

Yoga classes, gyms, and fitness studios where you can bide your time until spring finally arrives.

In case you haven’t already been counting down the days since January, the first official day of spring is March 20. But if recent weather is any indication, we’re not expecting springtime temps anytime soon. To keep you warm and toasty until then, we’ve got five workouts for you to try, from hot yoga sessions that feel like you’re in the tropics to a boxing class that lets you relieve your winter-related frustration.

If You Want to Sweat: Hot or Bikram Yoga

Here’s a no-brainer: Try a class designed specifically to make you sweat buckets. Bikram yoga is offered in five locations in Washington, with classes conducted in 105-degree rooms. Some hot yoga classes at CorePower Yoga and Spark Yoga add weights to the mix for even more burn.

If You’re Short on Time: High-Intensity Interval Training

With brief resting periods and quick bursts of intense exercise, HIIT training makes you work up a sweat in no time. Head to Orangetheory Fitness in Fairfax for an all-in-one treadmill/rowing/weights workout or one of the many CrossFit gyms in Washington to really give your muscles a lesson in athleticism.

If You’re Fed Up With Mother Nature: Boxing and/or Kickboxing

If this winter has left you feeling downright angry, head to the nearest punching bag to relieve some aggression. Off Road Cycling offers boxing classes, and you’ll find Washingtonian top personal trainer and kickboxing coach Nino Malong at City Fitness, CrossFit DC, and Balance Gym.

If You Want to Forget About the World: Indoor Cycling

With their dimmed lighting and heart-pumping music, indoor cycling studios offer an easy way to zone out from the everyday for a while. Check out the newest studios in the District, including ZenGo Cycle studio in Logan Circle for a free first class, or Let’s Ride on 14th Street, which shows you how hard you’re really working with its live-tracking system.

Because You Deserve a Reward for Surviving This Winter: A Shake Shack Run

Yes, this involves running outside, but there’s a tasty reward at the finish line: burgers, milkshakes, and fries. The Shack Track and Field club meets the second Tuesday of the month for a three- to five-mile run that ends at the Dupont Circle Shake Shack. No guilt here—you deserve it.