Adult Lunchables, “Food & Wine” for Millennials, and a Machine That Turns Water to Wine: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the stuff we’re reading this week.

Always dreamed of a machine that turned water into wine? Now it’s a reality. Image via Shutterstocka.


Respected food magazine gives up, launches short-form website with market-tested name and section heads like “OMG Yummy!” and “I’d Eat That.” TL;DR: Food & Wine creates website for millennials. [FWx—Benjamin Freed

There’s actually a machine that turns water into wine. [Huffington Post—Chris Campbell

Chipotle ponders discontinuing guacamole on its menus due to climate change. Could a “guacapocalypse” ensue? [Eater National/NPR—Anna Spiegel

Mooovin’ and Shakin’ 

You should probably watch this GIF of cows jumping for joy when they’re released into a field every day, for inspiration. Such joie de vivre! [NPR—Sophie Gilbert

Eat Your Age

Because we as a society refuse to grow up, Oscar Mayer gives us Lunchables for adults. [Food Beast—CC

This Maryland man has eaten nothing but cheese pizza for the past 25 years. Remarkably, he seems okay. [Huffington Post—SG

False Advertising

Olive Garden has a new logo, which makes it look slightly less like a chain restaurant and slightly more like a data processing company. Nice “healthy” subtext, though. [Eater National—SG

Sorry, Europe, but if it looks like Brie, smells like Brie, and tastes like Brie, I’m not sure what else to call it. [NPR] —CC

The ’90s Called . . . 

Trying to stave off the urge to snack? Play Tetris! [Grub Street—BF

MTV has a food-themed reality show in the works, and it’s kind of like when trainee chefs stop being polite and start being real. [Hollywood Reporter—SG

Trouble Brewing

Missing your favorite Russian beer at Domku? Blame Vladimir Putin. The Eastern European restaurant restaurant in Petworth took its Russian brews off the menu in support of Ukraine and in protest of Putin’s invasion of Crimea. [Washington Post—BF

Only in the Big Apple 

A former New York City cop has opened a police-themed bar, including a cop car, a precinct desk, and a jail cell. The ex-officer wants it to be the “Disneyland” of police, which I guess has been missing from Times Square? [DNA Info—BF

Pete Wells takes a look at the ramen scene in New York. Even if you’re not planning to slurp noodles in the Big Apple, there’s some handy advice for ramen-hunters in the there. [New York Times—AS