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One "Obama’s Journey" Coming to Print in U.S.

The President's half-brother, Mark Obama Ndsandejo, gains a commercial publisher for his new memoir.


President Obama’s half-brother, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, has sold a memoir entitled An Obama’s Journey: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery Across Three Cultures to Lyons Press.

The deal was announced in Monday’s Publishers Marketplace “Deals” email. The book will span Obama Ndesandjo’s childhood in Kenya with Barack Obama Sr. and Mark’s Jewish-American mother, his attendance at Brown, Stanford and Emory in the U.S., and his career success in China as an artist, businessman, and philanthropist, as well as his relationship with the 44th president. 

Originally intended to be self published, An Obama’s Journey was covered after that announcement back in December 2013 in numerous outlets, including DC’s Politico. At that time, Obama Ndesandjo related that he would write about his abuse at the hands of his and the President’s father, and told reporters that he would describe his relationship with his brother as “…cold and I think part of the reason is because of my writing. My writing has alienated some people in my family.”

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