Death by Low-Carb Diet, Bill Murray’s Champagne Tips, and Lollipop Kale: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of what we’re reading this week.

Learn about Champagne from the master, Bill Murray. Photographs via Shutterstock / Helga Esteb.

Eat Your (Mystery) Vegetables

Bananas dressed up as cucumbers, eggs that look like eggplants—and no Michel Richard in sight! [Time] —Ann Limpert

Rest in Carbs

High-protein, low-carbohydrate diets are an excellent way to look great and die young, according to science. [Wall Street Journal] —Benjamin Freed

Drinking the Haterade

“Ten Things I Hate” with Dallas chef John Tesar. [Food Republic] —Anna Spiegel 

Food writer Josh Ozersky compiles a list of nine “good reasons” chefs hate food writers. Ironically the man whose wedding was filled with free food from chefs cites restaurants taking financial “hits” from food writers. [Vice] —AS

Kale Me Maybe

Costco has a plan to take back its market share from Amazon Prime, and that plan involves “giant bags of kale.” They know what the young folks like. [BuzzFeed] —Tanya Pai

What do you get when you combine hipsters’ two favorite vegetables? Lollipop kale, a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts. Yeah, I’d eat that. [Grub Street] —TP

Booze You Can’t Lose

Much like the Kardashians and normcore, flavored Scotch is apparently not going away anytime soon. [Spirits Business] —TP

If there’s bourbon in the headline, I’m reading it. In this edition: Bourbon hits the high seas. [NPR] —Chris Campbell

Bill Murray shares tips for drinking Champagne. Enough said. [Gawker] —AS

Looks Better Than It Tastes

For your viewing pleasure: Cookies that look pretty—but probably taste worse than Thin Mints. [NPR] —CC

A nonprofit recreates Hollywood movie scenes with food to raise awareness about hunger. [CNN] —CC


Want to travel down a dark path of evil to a place lacking humanity? Try this Reddit thread about what NOT to order at fast-food joints. [Reddit] —CC

This week in millennial food trends: Envious of Chipotle’s popularity with the under-30 crowd, McDonald’s and Wendy’s try to crack the millennial market with restaurant renovations and limited-edition sandwiches. Foolish corporations—everyone knows the most millennial fast food meal is fries and a Frosty at 1 AM in the parking lot of the Wendy’s at Dave Thomas Circle. [Motley Fool] —BF

On Sale, and Selling Out 

Hey, House of Cards fans, now you can own Freddy’s BBQ Joint. If only it came with actual ribs. [Washington Post] —AL

Come to SXSW for the hundreds of bands trying to get discovered; stay for the product rollouts by Blue Moon and Ball Park Franks. [Philadelphia Inquirer] —BF