10 Lessons for Young Chefs, This Year’s Food Trends, and Taco Bell Socks: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the stuff we’re reading this week.

Homemade jam is apparently very in for 2014. Image via Shutterstock.

Building (140) Character

Celebrity chef Hugh Acheson (a.k.a. the Hughnibrow) produces a Twitter mini-festo: ten things to tell young chefs. “No you can’t do a ‘Pop Up’ at the restaurant on Friday.” [Eater National] —Anna Spiegel

Healthy Reads

Kids who crave sweets might end up being taller (and also rounder, and more hyperactive, but never mind that). [NPR] — Sophie Gilbert

Omnivores, you may not want to read this (but you really should). Nicholas Kristof on “The Unhealthy Meat Market.” [New York Times] —AS


This week in millennial food trends: The Olive Garden is struggling. But it can save itself by appealing to millennials through adding menu items with buzzwords and customizable options. Save the Olive Garden, you precious little snowflakes! [Tampa Bay Times] —Benjamin Freed

Your food trends for 2014 are: artisanal sodas, exotic ice creams, gluten-free stuff (really?), egg substitute (again, really??), and homemade jams. Thanks a lot, Scandal. [Huffington Post] —SG

Fast food is going foreign, which is good news for alliteration fans. [NY Daily News] —SG

Hail to the V

This year’s James Beard Awards: now with more women. [Eater] —SG

Fast Non-Foods

Getting a big television off a wall mount can be strenuous, and sometimes you need a snack after doing it. That’s why police in Columbus, Ohio, are looking for two individuals who broke into a Burger King and made off with a 42-inch flat-screen television and a bag of frozen burgers. [WBNS] —BF

Taco Bell is selling socks because, um, sigh, I give up. [Jezebel] —BF

This Week in Pizza

This Jumbo Slice could be your life: four hours at Adams Morgan’s Pizza Mart, recapped in all its greasy, salty, cheese-covered shame. [Eater DC] —BF

Pizza Underground’s show at Black Cat this Friday sold out a long time ago, but tickets are available for up to $79 on StubHub and $70 on Craigslist. I know it’s Macaulay Culkin, but seriously, it’s Pizza Underground. A Fugazi reunion wouldn’t go for this much on the secondary market. For $79 you could buy nearly 20 Jumbo Slices. [StubHub, Craigslist] —BF