Lime-Pocalypse, Breakfast on the Titanic, and Wax-Moth Mousse 101: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of what we’re reading this week.

Could your guacamole and margaritas be in danger with the looming lime-pocalypse? Image via Shutterstock.

Rise and Sink 

With the exception of whatever a “Yarmouth bloater” is, this breakfast menu from a second-class menu on the Titanic sounds pretty tasty. [New York Daily News] —Tanya Pai

Home Cooking Chemistry

Want to make wax-moth mousse, which has “a delicate ‘insect’ sweetness”? Line up your hazelnuts, mead, and Xanthan gum and get cracking. [Nordic Food Lab via Eater] —Ann Limpert

Your Wages in Burgers

Heat maps that correlate average hamburger prices with average hourly wages are some of the best heat maps ever created. Let it be known that the average person working in downtown DC must labor for 12 or 13 minutes to earn enough money to buy a burger at an average price of about $10. [NPR] —Benjamin Freed

Unaged Wine Masters 

How did the profile of your average top sommelier transform from the gray-haired gentleman sporting a tastevin to the hip young guy in a T-shirt and blazer? A look at how wine culture turned more youthful. [Eater] —Anna Spiegel


How New York bartenders are dealing with the rising cost of limes, from using lemon juice flavored with lime extract to cutting daiquiris and other lime-heavy drinks from the menu. [Grub Street] —TP

It gets worse: Apparently limes aren’t the only thing in short supply this year. [Bon Appétit] —TP


Bon App also takes a look at the various categories of food movies, reminding me that watching people eat is kinda gross (okay, unless it’s Brad Pitt). [Bon Appétit] —TP

If you think fellow diners documenting a meal with constant phone-camera flashes are annoying, check out the portable light studio “#dinnercam.” [Eater] —AS

Beyond the Bread Basket

Jeff Gordinier delves into the world of obsessive artisan bread bakers. [New York Times] —AL

Toying With Bias

I’m long past my Happy Meal days, but Slate has an interesting look (written by a high school junior!) at the gender bias of the included toys. [Slate] —TP

Not-So-Fast Foods

Taco Bell had a great first quarter; its corporate siblings—KFC and Pizza Hut—lagged behind. [Bloomberg] —BF

McDonald’s and Wendy’s are going to be left in the dust because millennials prefer Chipotle for its “food credibility,” even though the difference in the effect on one’s body between a Chipotle burrito and a Big Mac are, y’know, negligible. [Forbes] —BF