Parrots Drinking Coffee, the Ideal Burger Grip, and 10 Terrible Overreactions to Food Orders Gone Wrong: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the stuff we’re reading this week.

“Please, sir, may I have some more coffee?” Photograph via Shutterstock.

Caw-feine addict

The only thing tempering my enjoyment of this video of a parrot drinking coffee is the fact that the coffee is Starbucks. Bird, you live in hipster central—get some more discerning java tastes. [Grub Street] —Tanya Pai

Questionable drinking

Apparently Soylent doesn’t exactly taste bad, it just tastes like cardboard and Muscle Milk and grit. [New York Times] —Ann Limpert

The only thing more disturbing than the men who drink breast milk are the men who sign on to “” to buy it. [New York magazine] —Anna Spiegel

Pack your flask and go

Comic genius Amy Schumer is at it again with another TV show parody. Sorry, Chopped, Sauced kicks your ass. Bring on the brûléed Lexapro. [Comedy Central] —AL

Not-so-fast food

Yes, it’s inconvenient when your favorite fast-food joint messes up your order. But here’s a hot tip: They don’t serve Big Macs in prison. [Mental Floss] —TP 

Arby’s, that ubiquitous purveyor of mystery-meat sandwiches, is not something I would normally eat, but its social-media and advertising games are on-point. The latest: Arby’s bought 13 consecutive hours of airtime last weekend in Duluth, Minnesota, to show the entire cooking of a brisket. [Duluth News Tribune] —Benjamin Freed

You can stop fooling yourselves, people. French fries and pizza do not count as vegetables. [NPR] —Chris Campbell

Blinded by . . . 

Don’t worry, there’s science behind why you’re pouring yourself so much wine. [New York magazine] —Alison Kitchens

Also according to science, there’s an ideal way to hold a burger. [Huffington Post] —AK


Could this new app revolutionize the way people make restaurant reservations, or tick off the public by charging them for free tables? Or both? [Eater National] —AS

Interesting visuals

Oh, great. There’s video of a competitive eater downing two 72-ounce steaks in 15 minutes. [Eater] —BF

A travel company hired someone to recreate food from around the world . . . with Play-Doh. [FoodBeast] —CC

This week in millennial food trends

Wendy’s aggressive rebranding and revamped menu efforts are paying off with the younger set. Millennials now account for 25 percent of the chain’s customers. It’s just more proof that all that development in Northeast DC is centered on Dave Thomas Circle. [Christian Science Monitor] —BF