The Black Market of Restaurant Reservations, KFC Avoids Media Disaster: Eating & Reading

Ten of the tastiest food stories we’re reading this week.

Photograph via Shutterstock.

Gluten-free: Love it or hate it, wheat-free eating isn’t going anywhere. [New York Times] —Anna Spiegel

Uh oh, DC restaurant owners are lawyering up. [Wall Street Journal] —AS

Forget vital organs, there’s now a “black market” for restaurant reservations. [New York Times] —AS

Cue the health-nut uprising: A recent outbreak of salmonella that has affected 21 people in 12 states has been linked to chia-seed powder. Is nothing safe? [The Salt] —Tanya Pai

Mere days after giving birth to our first child, my wife and I learn that she could/should have eaten even more fish. Not cool, FDA, not cool. [NPR] —Chris Campbell

Because we’re here to help: a primer on how to break down and eat a crab. [Huffington Post] —CC

If you’re stuck on the International Space Station, at least you can now have a good cup of coffee. [NPR] —CC 

This week in Kids Doing Funny Things With Food, watch them try to identify artisanal flavors of ice cream. [Huffington Post] —CC

This week in millennial food trends: Meet “Dom,” the voice-activated operator on the Domino’s mobile app. Because when millennials want pizza, they want to order it by talking to a disembodied voice. [USA Today] —Benjamin Freed

After a KFC franchise asked a badly injured little girl to leave, the corporate office steps in to avert a social media disaster and pay the girl’s medical bills. [Salon] —BF

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