How to Make the Perfect Burger, Why Iced Coffee Is So Expensive: Eating & Reading

Ten of the tastiest food stories we’re reading this week.

Beefy goodness. Photograph via Shutterstock.

Sam Sifton delves into what makes the perfect burger, whether you prefer smashed, salty diner-style patties or hulkier tavern-style mounds of beef. [New York Times] — Ann Limpert

Orange Is the New Black has the bagnut, and of course, Dominique Ansel owns the Cronut. Now, fast food outlet Carl’s Jr. is getting into the breakfast pastry hybrid game, testing out the “bisnut” in some stores. Because frosting and rainbow sprinkles are just what biscuits have always needed.  [Grub Street] —AL 

“Prying tiny quail bones away from meat that was griddled until it was as dry as a week-old English muffin wasn’t very wonderful.” Ouch. Tavern on the Green, one of New York’s iconic restaurants, returns to not-so-rave reviews. [New York Times] —Anna Spiegel

Why does iced coffee cost more than hot? It isn’t the artisanal ice cubes. [Grub Street] —AS

Missed connections for a-holes. And yes, I’ve felt the same way in Chipotle many times. [New Yorker] —AS

As a born-and-bred Kentuckian who loves his bourbon, I get a giggle that Tennessee isn’t able make whiskey without having some of the Bluegrass State in it. [NPR] — Chris Campbell

Last week we opened your eyes to the healthy benefits of broccoli. Relax, now we share how to make it taste good. [NPR] — CC

This guy demands fast food workers make sandwiches the way they look in the ads. [YouTube] — CC

I’d like a Big Mac, fries, and someone to help get this knife out of my back. [Huffington Post] — CC

A study finds that people perceive food to taste better when it’s arranged like an abstract painting. To me, both of these salads sort of look like someone already ate them—but the point is that presentation is everything. [The Salt] — Tanya Pai