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Fiction Longlist for National Book Awards Leaked

See all the nominees.

The National Book Awards Fiction Longlist for 2014.

It’s not much of a leak, especially not in this town, but still: The National Book Foundation‘s National Book Awards Fiction Longlist was meant to be shared, sedately, on Thursday, September 18, at 8 AM (at which time, of course, all us book folks would be all a-twitter on The Twitter). 

Alas, these days everything’s subject to premature revelation. Even serious fiction, supposedly of little interest to the My Personal Screen generation, gets its veil whisked away too soon. Here’s the list, published on HuffPo. It’s a strong one, and even if you don’t agree, you have to admit it’s a better balance between male and female writers than the pathetic Non-Fiction Longlist.

UPDATE: They took the link down from HuffPo, but the New York Times has typed it all up for your delectation.

Hey, if it’s in the New York Times, then we can publish it here. Right?