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8 Ways for Dads to Relieve Stress

Relaxing spa treatments aren’t just for women. Modern-day grooming products help dads deal with everyday stress, too.

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Dads get stressed, too. A big project at work, a visit from the in-laws, a malfunctioning Xbox remote—all of it raises tension levels. It’s no secret that such anxieties impact someone’s overall health. From headaches to skin challenges, everything is affected by ramped-up stress.

Whatever the root causes, stress can be battled in many ways, one of which is from a “grooming perspective.”  Since that’s the only angle I’m remotely qualified to speak on, here goes!


De-stressing through grooming starts with using tools that are pleasing to the senses. Working up thick and sweet-smelling shave lather come shave time, slathering on a calming body wash in the shower, or lighting a manly candle around the abode—it all helps. Whatever the choice of tools or settings, take slow and deliberate actions. Stress speeds up the heart rate and quickens breathing, so as obvious as it sounds, breathing deeply and slowly and finding that “inner Zen” is a plus. 


  • The Traditional Wet Shave: While a bit slow and methodical wedged into a workday morning, a quality wet shave (using a shave brush and all) makes for a relaxing experience. Heat up the lather or pre-shave, whip up some cream or soap, and spend an extra 10 minutes getting smooth. It’s a mini-vacation and both face (and mind) will thank you. 
  • The Candlelight Vigil: Candles aren’t just a romance enhancer. Reading or meditating by candle light will help slow thoughts and relax the heart rate. Wick it out.
  • The Mubble Bath:  While most men have popped some bubbly, they’re less inclined to bathe in it. Lock the bathroom door after a long day and try a 15-minute suds bath. A high-quality cleansing gel can make it happen. Rubber ducky optional.
  • Spa, Spa, Spa: Build in a trip to the spa once a month for relaxing services. Facials, massages, treatments . . . they all help.


Stress reduction can happen in an instant. Give these subtle secrets a go:

  • Heaven Scent: Try using a unique-smelling shave cream instead of the standard, unscented version. Besides the great shave, the new scent is a unique way to “snap out of it.”
  • Get Moving: Even 20 minutes of exercise a day helps. Do some jumping jacks, Jazzercise, chop wood, whatever. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and get better sleep. Make sure to shower post-exercise though.
  • Chug-A-Lug: Drinking ample amounts of water has been proven to keep one healthy and less stressed. So, drop the Dr. Pepper and grab some H2O.
  • Get Out: Whether at work or locked up in the house, a quick walk outside can do wonders to clear a gent’s mind. Don’t question it, you’ve got five minutes. Get struttin’.

Mike Gilman is a husband and father of two sons. He’s also the founder of Grooming Lounge and resides in Bethesda.