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7 Ways to Indulge Nationals Fever for the 2014 Playoffs

Useful information to help you get the most out of your baseball-fan experience.

Photograph by Flickr user Geoff Livingston.

Before baseball season even began, it was clear the Nationals were going to make it to the playoffs this year—just look at the numbers. Whether you’re a fair-weather fan or wear your Natitude 365 days a year, it’s an occasion to celebrate. Read on for dining guides, insider Nats Park tips, and more ways to make it a playoff season to remember.

Find out how to park for cheap(er), where to sit for the best chance at catching foul balls, and more tips in our Insider’s Guide to Nationals Park.

Baseball game dining options have been expanding steadily, both in and out of the ballpark. Check out our list of 12 new options, including gluten-free stadium stands, upscale Italian spots, and more.

More concerned about sticking to your diet? Here are a few places that offer healthier gametime offerings.

If you’re nowhere near the stadium, try one of these spots offering sweet playoff food and drink specials.

Good to know: In a move that has students crying, “Whither my tuition?,” American University has decided it will pay for Metro to stay open late if playoff games run late.

Jason Aldean, Ellie Goulding, (gulp) Pitbull: The team’s walk-up song choices certainly run the gamut.

Didn’t get tickets to this weekend’s games? You can always snag some in return for a threesome. (Please do not actually do this.)

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