Eating & Reading: Guantanamo’s Starbucks, McDonald’s Black Burger, and South Park on Gluten Intolerance

Ten of the tastiest stories we’re reading this week.

Places you wouldn't expect a Starbucks: funeral homes and Guantanamo. Photograph via st. djura/Shutterstock.

Welp, McDonald’s has finally made something scarier than the McRib. [Grub Street]
—Ann Limpert

Chickens today: not your grandmother’s birds. [Vox] —AL

A funeral home, Guantanamo Bay (seriously), and other inappropriate places Starbucks has infiltrated. [Grub Street] —Tanya Pai

BuzzFeed proves yet again that a slice of pizza makes everything better—even (especially?) celebrity selfies. [BuzzFeed] —TP

So this is NSFW, but South Park takes on gluten intolerance. And you thought the Dan Snyder bit was amusing. [Eater] —Anna Spiegel

Eric Asimov’s monthly “Wine School” column tackles Champagne, just in time for the holidays. If you think that bottomless bubbly you’re consuming at brunch for $15 is “Champagne,” better read this. [New York Times] —AS

Pizza cake. Need I say more? [Jezebel] —Alison Kitchens

Denny’s, which is clearly run by two commercial art directors with a huge bag of weed, is going after millennials with a new animated web series starring anthropomorphized breakfast food. “Meet the Slams”? Pass the bong. [Nation’s Restaurant News] —Benjamin Freed

The biggest outrage in Hong Kong right now is the Chinese government’s anti-democratic crackdowns. But this McDonald’s “Batman Burger” is running a close second. [Consumerist] —BF

Follow one man’s self-destruction as he blogs his way through 49 days of eating the Olive Garden’s seven-week unlimited pasta bowl promotion. I picked up on him on day eight; amazingly, he still hadn’t consumed 6,000 calories. [The Never Ending Pasta Bowl Blog] —BF