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How to Organize Your Kids’ Sports Equipment

Organization doesn't have to mean storage wars. Here are easy tips to get your kids' athletic gear in order so they won't be late to practice.

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Being a professional organizer and a mom, I was determined to put together a system to keep track of all the sports equipment (cleats, helmet, etc.) that my kids have. Like so many other Washington moms, all of the equipment for these different sports doesn’t fit in my mudroom, so I created a system that could be rotated based on the sport that was currently in season.

First, I gathered all the sports paraphernalia, uniforms, and everything else together in one spot. My kids and I sorted it by sport and got rid of/donated anything they weren’t using anymore. Then, we used laundry baskets to organize the equipment according to sport. Plastic baskets are great because they can easily be cleaned if they get dirty with mud or sweat, are easy to move from room to room, and are very inexpensive.

At Clutterbusters!!, we tag baskets with a label and book rings that clip onto them. These can be changed out as needed. Free-standing shelving lines the walls and the laundry baskets are lined up on them.

I encourage you to consider the sports your family is involved in and to create a similar easy system to help your family find what they need when they’re competing. It saves a lot of time when you are trying to get out the door for practice, as well as money if older children will pass down equipment to younger siblings.

Another trick I have been using for the current sport(s) in rotation is that each sport has its own duffle bag so I can keep track of everything needed for practices or games. In my laundry room, I have a coat peg hung on the wall so I hang the duffle bags. It’s great because after I wash the uniform then I put it right into the duffle bag for that sport. It also keeps track of any gloves, socks, knee pads or anything else needed to just run out the door for practice or a game.

The main key to all of this is to stay with the routine when you get home, even if you’re tired and want to do it tomorrow—push yourself and make sure to put the duffels on the pegs, wash clothes as needed, clean off cleats, and just make sure everything is ready for the next time. This will make your life so much better and free of stress when you are all rushing around trying to leave on time!

Guest blogger, Betsy Fein is the founder and CEO of Clutterbusters!! run out of her uncluttered home office in Rockville, MD and brought to you by Activityrocket.com—kids’ classes, camps & sports. Booked fast.