Coffee-Infused Blazers, the KFC Recipe Vault, and the History of Candy Corn: Eating & Reading

The ten tastiest food stories we're reading this week.

Yes, there's an actual vault where KFC stores its top-secret recipes. Photograph via Shutterstock.

Bon Appétit‘s guide to what you must buy, cook, and eat in November. On the list: dropping acid. [Bon Appétit] —Anna Spiegel

The latest restaurant critic to forgo anonymity: Dallas Morning News‘s Leslie Brenner. Here’s why. [Eater National] —AS

Finally: the history of candy corn, a.k.a. “the cloying kernel of evil.” This is a must for anyone who wants to drop fun facts at their Halloween party tonight. [Slate] —AS

This list of seasonal drinks is supposed to be funny, but I can see a “Yam and Tonic” or “Latke Bomb” popping up at a local bar. [McSweeney’s] —AS

In case you were wondering if the secret recipe to KFC fried chicken really is that much of a secret, here’s the vault where they keep it hidden. [Gizmodo] —Michael Gaynor

Who needs regular old deodorant when you can rock this “coffee-infused blazer”? The jacket has a special liner infused with the caffeinated stuff that’s supposed to absorb odors from your body the way baking soda freshens your fridge. Still, I wouldn’t rely on it to get you through an afternoon meeting. [Food and Wine] —Tanya Pai

If red wine is for powerful women and white wine is for wimps, who is Sutter Home pink wine for? Asking for a friend. [New York Times] —Alison Kitchens

Am I the only person who thinks candy corn looks like corn? [Buzzfeed] —AK

In the future, the New York Times’s wedding pages will be replaced by videos shot by GoPro cameras strapped to a bottle of Fireball and passed around the party. [Gawker] —Benjamin Freed

This Week in Millennial Food Trends: You know all that noise about how millennials are killing traditional fast food because they prefer “fast-casual” (but often equally unhealthy) chains like Chipotle and Panera? Stop fretting, McDonald’s and Wendy’s! The youth of today still go to fast-food joints far more often than the fast-casual places. [Burger Business] —BF