Eating and Reading: the 50 Best Things to Eat Now, Ramen Doughnuts, and Dewitos

The ten tastiest articles we're reading this week.

Would you eat Toki's ramen in doughnut form? Photograph by Scott Suchman

The 50 best things to eat right now, according to GQ. Locally based Sweetgreen made the list, so guess they’re a little late on the trend. [GQ] —Anna Spiegel

Cell phones + corn mazes = a lot of unnecessary 911 calls. [Modern Farmer via Bon Appetit] —AS

What 15 Food Network stars looked like when they launched their first food show. Bobby Flay, still a babe. [BuzzFeed] —AS

The Thanksgiving fantasies of chefs. Does yours involve dervish-like dancers frolicking in Stevie Nick-ish garb? [New York Times] —AS

Introducing the ramen doughnut, the official food of the impending apocalypse. [Eater] —Tanya Pai

Speaking of unholy food mashups, I am super disappointed to realize that Dewitos isn’t Mountain Dew-flavored chips—which I would probably try—but rather Doritos-flavored soda, which I definitely will not. But anything that can get Colbert to break is probably destined to be an American classic. [Colbert Report] —TP

New York City is getting its first “cat cafe.” One of only two in the country, it’s a coffeehouse where you can play with cats, even though cats are terrible animals who will never love you like a dog will. Don’t worry, it has WiFi, too. [Eater NY] —Michael Gaynor

For those who set their clock by when they will next be eating pizza, you can now track your Domino’s order via smartwatch. [Gizmodo] —MG

This Week in Millennial Food Trends: It’s not just weirdo niches like Bolt Burger. Fast-food companies like McDonalds are adding order kiosks to their restaurants as part of their “millennial outreach,” because millennials prefer to interact with soulless machines that collect their data rather than speak to another human being. [Pizza Marketplace] —Benjamin Freed

Honey-Sriracha crusts? Creamy garlic parmesan sauce? Special pizza names market-tested to appeal to millennials in the flyover states? I’m pretty sure Pizza Hut’s new menu is exactly what “Too Many Cooks” was trying to warn us about. Save us Smarf! [AdAge] —BF

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