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6 Pizza-Related Things to Buy Instead of a Pizza Underground Ticket

In case you can’t—or don’t want to—attend Friday’s show at Black Cat.

Photograph courtesy of Black Cat.

Pizza Underground—a.k.a. the pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band fronted by former child star/Mila Kunis’s ex-boyfriend Macaulay Culkin—plays the Black Cat Friday night. This is not the first time the group has played in Washington, but where previous shows sold out faster than you could explain the concept of the band to a friend, it appears tickets are still available for tonight’s show, for $15 apiece.

We thought about trying to interview the band, but they apparently only answer pizza-related questions. We also considered shelling out for the show—until we learned it comes with the risk of being brained by a beer bottle.

So in case you want a taste of the deep-dish fun without the threat of bodily harm (aural or otherwise), we rounded up a few more things you can get for around the same price as a Pizza Underground ticket.

3 copies of Mystic Pizza on VHS ($5.40 each)

Relive the magic of a time before Julia Roberts was a massive star and before the real-life Mystic Pizza owner owed its employees six figures in back pay.

A used copy of Kitchen Workshop—Pizza by Ruth Gresser ($13.78 and up)

Learn all the Pizzeria Paradiso chef’s secrets, and save your loved ones from having to attempt to decode Pizza Hut’s byzantine new menu.

Any of these locally available, Anna Spiegel-recommended pies (prices vary)

A pizza-themed shirt from Etsy ($16.98)

Whimsical and customizable!

Or two pairs of pizza socks from Beloved Shirts ($6.95 each)

Not bold enough to go Full Pizza à la Katy Perry? These make a more subtly cheesy statement.

1/100th of a free tattoo, courtesy of &pizza

The local chainlet is offering gratis ink for any customer who spends $1,500 on its food. Worth it?