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TV Recap: Homeland, Season 4, Episode 10, “13 Hours in Islamabad”

Peter Quinn is making moves.

Peter had plenty to do in this week's episode. Photograph by David Bloomer for Showtime.

After a two-week hiatus, Homeland is back, and things aren’t looking great. Carrie and Saul both survived an attack on their convoy, but the rest of the team didn’t fare as well. Fara was killed by Haqqani (I assume), and Quinn seems to be taking the invasion of the embassy pretty hard. Here’s where we found everyone this week.

Saul Berenson

Best moment: When he told Carrie he’d spot her because he’s not much of a shot.

Worst moment: It almost seemed like he was considering staying behind in Islamabad for Carrie for a minute. Get out of there as quickly as you can, Saul.

Number of times he headed home: One. (I really believe it’s going to happen this time.)

Peter Quinn

Best moment: Quinn went rogue at the end of the episode and asked his colleague not to tell Carrie. He’s finally breaking free of Carrie’s orders. Good for you Quinn, good for you.

Worst moment: While Quinn stepping out from Carrie’s shadow is great, it seems like he’s about to do something dumb.

Number of times he saved the day: We missed most of what happened inside of the embassy this episode, but it seems like Quinn was the only person on hand to take any action. The real question here is, how did Haqqani make it out?

Carrie Mathison

Best moment: It looks like we’re in a new era of Carrie being overly concerned about everyone’s safety, and that’s not a bad thing.

Worst moment: Apparently Carrie is also a terrible shot.

Number of times she thought about baby Frannie: Zero. (I give up.)

Other important plot lines to note:

  • Why did Khan listen to Tasneem in the car? He’s clearly higher up than she is in the chain of command, but he didn’t exert any of that power even though he claims to disagree with her.
  • Dennis Boyd is a coward, and I’m glad he’s still alive to face what he’s done.
  • How is Carrie going to find Quinn? It seems like he’ll be fine all on his own, but my guess is a lot is going to happen in the next five days.

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