30-Second Review of "Unbroken"

Our publisher’s quick take on the hot holiday movie.
Photograph by Kate Warren Photograph by Kate Warren Photograph by Getty Images. Illustrations by Paul Dickinson. Photograph by Shutterstock/Blend Images. Image via Shutterstock. Photographs by Kip Dawkins. Styling by Marcie Blough. Image via Shutterstock. Illustration by Ryan Snook. Photograph by Jamie Grill/Corbis. Photograph of Thomas by Roy Cox Photography. Photograph of Jones by Andrew Propp. Our publisher’s quick take on the hot holiday movie.

Saw an advanced screening of Unbroken last night. My movie review: not nearly as good as the incredible book but worth seeing. Angelina Jolie does great job directing, and Jack O’Connell as Louis Zamperini is fantastic. Book readers need to adjust their expectations as one contrived scene takes away from the overall feeling.

But I’ll say this: I didn’t look at my watch once. The movie flew by. (Thank goodness it’s not another three-hour movie—it’s only 2 hours, 17 minutes.) It is NOT appropriate for kids under 15—lots of violence. I definitely covered my eyes many times.

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