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Washingtonian’s February 2015 Guest List

A monthly roundup of people we’d like to have over for drinks, food, and conversation.

Photo-Illustration by John Ueland. Photograph of Hines by Kea Taylor; Nuzum by Stephen Voss; Harris courtesy of Three Day Rule; Cabañas by Ralf-Finn Hestoft/John Marshalln Law School; Photograph of Stefanik by Mike Groll/AP Photo

About Guest List

Guest List is Washingtonian’s fantasy cast of who we’d like to invite over for dinner each month.

1. Charon Hines

Muriel Bowser’s director of community affairs has an innocuous title that belies her out-size power as the DC mayor’s schoolmate and friend.

2. Eric Nuzum

We hear the popularity of podcasts such as Serial is drawing listeners from plain-vanilla public radio. We’ll ask NPR’s vice president for programming how his employer plans to keep up.

3. Callie Harris

We want Valentine’s Day tips from the “dating concierge” at Three Day Rule, the area’s non-digital matchmaking service. But not for us—honest!

4. José R. Cabañas

We’re dying to hear what Cuba’s chief diplomat in DC has to say about the US now that American officialdom actually feels free to have him to dinner. (We’ll also wrangle an invite for mojitos at the Cuban Interests Section’s famed bar.)

5. Elise Stefanik

The youngest congresswoman ever, the 30-year-old Republican from northern New York joins a growing coterie of millennials on the Hill. Wait—will Snapchat spell the end of congressional sexting scandals?

6. Mike Wise

Told “You don’t get it—you’re white” after sounding off about athletes’ use of the N-word, the Washington Post columnist is joining ESPN’s fledgling “black Grantland” website. Now we don’t get it, but we’ll toast him all the same.

Photo-Illustration by John Ueland. Photograph courtesy of The Frederick News-Post.

Disinvited! Kirby Delauter

In response to a report that the Frederick County Council member was complaining about parking spots at city hall, he threatened to sue the local paper for using his name. That’s D-e-l-a-u-t-e-r.

This article appears in the February 2015 issue of Washingtonian.