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Washington’s Adoptable Pets of the Week: July 10, 2015

Looking for a furry friend? One of these cuties—all available at Washington-area rescues—might be your match.

Even Steven is a young pointer-mix. He’s medium-size with short, easy-to-maintain fur, and is friendly with everyone he meets, both human and canine. At two years old, he’s past the annoying puppy stage but still has lots of energy. He loves a good game of fetch or a nice long walk, but then just wants to lean up against you for some affection. Don’t miss out on this wonderful companion. Stop by the Washington Animal Rescue League and meet Even Steven soon.

Queen of Hearts is a sweet hound-mix. Until recently, she was busy caring for her nine puppies live on Animal Planet’s Puppy Cam. Queen of Hearts proved to be a great mom, doting on her large litter. Now that the puppies have all found homes of their own, she’s ready to retire to a loving home where she can be pampered just like her puppies were. But don’t expect her to spend all her time napping. At three years old, Queen still loves to play, take long walks and keep her nose down for just the right scent. She has a beautiful red coat and a friendly, good-natured disposition, and loves to be around people. Stop by the Washington Animal Rescue League to meet Queen of Hearts.

Little Elsie, a.k.a Leesie, is shy when she first meets you, but warms up quickly. She’s a terrier-mix, around a year old, maybe a little older. She’s at her full size at 15 pounds. She loves to go on long walks and is fantastic on a leash, so she would be a great hiking or jogging partner. She’s also super smart and athletic, so she would be very good at agility or frisbee. She’s wonderful with kids and dogs – not sure about cats yet – and as much as she loves to be active, her favorite thing to do is sit with her foster family and look out the window on hot summer days. Meet her through K-9 Lifesavers.
Baby Anniston came up to the DC area from North Carolina with her mom and four siblings. Rescued from horrible conditions, this little girl shows us how resilient puppies can be and how much love they have to offer. Baby Anniston’s mom is probably a boxer/husky mix, and Anniston has a lot of her mom’s characteristics, but it’s tough to know what she is – other than cute. She’s about five months old and roughly 10 pounds, and might grow to be her mom’s size, right around 40 pounds. She is a bit shy with new people and a little unsure of the big world, but her foster family is helping her settle in. She’s living with cats, other dogs, and a toddler, and getting along with everyone she meets. She’s at the perfect age to be introduced to new pets and family members, so all she needs is a forever family who will show her that the world is not such a scary place. Meet her through K-9 Lifesavers.
Nala is a 40-pound, boxer/Plott hound-mix, who’s about three years old. She would love a family that’s willing to give her plenty of love, exercise, and a cozy bed to call her own. Nala loves to hang with her people at home but has also been fantastic in daycare. She loves nothing more than curling up for a nice cuddle after romping around the backyard with a doggie pal. While Nala can be nervous in new situations and around new people, once she gets comfortable, she is sweet and affectionate. She is very smart, and while she’s already crate- and house-trained, like most rescue dogs, she may need a refresher on house training when she goes to her forever home. Because new situations and sudden movements may make Nala nervous, she would do best in a home without children under the age of 15. She would also do best in a cat-free home. Find out more about Nalaon the Rural Dog Rescue website.
Rox-Z was surrendered by her owner to the shelter. She is a Boxer-mix, approximately two years old. She has a beautiful shiny black coat and is very affectionate. She does well with other dogs her size, but will need a home without small dogs or cats. She walks well on a leash and is generally happy to just chill out with her person. Rox-Z is very smart, eager to please, and will excel with training. Find out more about Rox-Z on the Rural Dog Rescue website.