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DC’s Men Are Nearly As Handsome as San Francisco’s

But they're better-looking than Boston's dudes.

These men are so handsome, they're probably from Seattle. Photograph via Shutterstock.

In case you’ve ever wondered exactly how DC’s men stack up against those in the rest of our country, well, here’s one answer: According to surely very scientific research, the DC company Grooming Lounge ranks its hometown’s guys as the third most handsome nationwide, lagging behind only Seattle and San Francisco. New York and Los Angeles came in at numbers six and 16, respectively. Miami fell dead last. Cleveland–Cleveland–has a more handsome male population than Miami does.

Grooming Lounge found their rankings by tallying the amount that men spend annually on personal care services, grooming products, shaving goods, and apparel, combined with data on each city’s level of fitness. Leading city Seattle apparently spends an average of $3,413 on personal care items. DC’s men spent $3,127.83. A nagging question: Does spending more on grooming items mean a man’s more handsome—or that he needs more help?