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Washington’s Adoptable Pets of the Week: July 17, 2015

Looking for a furry friend? One of these cuties—all available at Washington-area rescues—might be your match.

Yori is a four-year-old beagle/Australian Shepherd mix. She can be a bit tentative at first so moving slowly early on is a good idea. But she quickly warms up and loves to give affection. She would thrive in a quiet home with a human companion who will help build her confidence and take her on walks. In return, she’ll give her adopter a lifetime of devotion. Stop by the Washington Animal Rescue League to meet Yori.

Tallahassee is a big kitty so there’s a lot to love about this sweet dude. He can be a bit bashful at first but once he gets to know you, his true affectionate nature shines through. Tallahassee enjoys toys and adores catnip. If you’re looking for a large, loveable, easygoing feline and have a weakness for orange tabby cats, Tallahassee is the boy for you. And at 8 years old, he qualifies for the Washington Animal Rescue League’s “Boomers’ Buddies” program, which means his adoption fee is waived for adopters 50 or older. Stop by WARL to meet him.

Latch is a sweet, engaging hound who is looking for someone to be patient with him while he adjusts to life in the big city. Or even better, someone to take him to a home outside the city with a yard and another dog to help him adjust. Even though Latch is very shy and skittish outside, he’s a happy, bouncy dog at home with people he trusts. Latch is not a lazy hound who is content to lie around and watch household life go by. He will want to be by your side ready to get scratches, play a gentle game of tug, or help you get rid of your leftover dinner. Latch is house trained, and gives clear signals when he needs to go outside. He is also learning to walk politely on a leash. Latch gets along great with other dogs and is currently fostered with another dog and a cat. To find out more about Latch, please visit the Rural Dog Rescue website.

Savanna is a pit bull terrier-mix rescued from Prince George’s County. Savanna had a very rough start, possibly being used as a bait dog for repetitive breeding. She was found weighing only 26 pounds with rickets in her legs from malnutrition. She still has trouble walking, but has received regular laser treatment therapy. Her foster family currently uses a stroller to take her out for walks. Savanna is an all-around great dog, who has come a long way despite being severely mistreated earlier in life. She now knows what it’s like to be loved. Savanna is a very sweet girl and loves to carry a toy around with her. She gets along with most other dogs but is defensive around larger dogs; particularly German Shepherds and other large male pit bull terriers. However, she loves cats. She would do best in a home as the only dog, or with only cats as her companions. Savanna is very laid back and is enjoying all the attention she gets from her foster family, but she’s been waiting a very long time to find a permanent family of her own. To find out more about Savanna, please visit the Rural Dog Rescue website.

Pesto is a three-year-old Catahoula/Boxer/terrier mix, which makes him super smart and friendly. He’s even housebroken and crate trained. He’s very loving and happy, and his favorite thing to do is go to the dog park. He would likely do best in a home with another dog since he has a lot of energy. Although he’s gentle, he’s about 45 pounds, so his family should have children over the age of 10 so they can handle his size. Whether Pesto has a canine sibling or not, he would make a great running partner, and a wonderful addition to an active family who can give him lots of exercise. He’s currently in boarding, so he’s looking for a foster family in the interim. But what he’s really hoping for is a permanent family. Meet him through K-9 Lifesavers.

Blue Belle, a two-year-old beagle-mix and was rescued along with her eight puppies from Georgia. She was a great mom, despite the fact that her previous owners were very neglectful and didn’t give her any medical care. She had heartworms but has completed her treatment and is doing well. Her energy is back up and she loves to play in the yard and observe the world around her. She’s great with kids and dogs, and probably cats once introduced and acclimated correctly. She never previously received affection, so she’s a little shy when she first meets people. However, she’s very curious about the love and attention her foster family offers her, so she’s warming up quickly. She will need some patience, love, and attention from her new owner. She is about 25 pounds and shorter than knee-height. She is almost completely housebroken, and though she’ll need some help adjusting, she is a fast learner. Blue Belle would ideally like a home where she can keep exploring the outdoors in the comfort of her own backyard. Meet her through K-9 Lifesavers.

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