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There’s a Giant Corn Maze in Maryland Shaped Like Taylor Swift’s Face

The players gonna play, play, play, play, play in this corn maze.

The past year has been a big one for Taylor Swift: her 1989 record was the fastest-selling in the last decade, she took home a Video of the Year for “Bad Blood” at the VMAs, and over the weekend, she won her first Emmy.

But no music award or top-grossing album can possibly compare to the great honor that has been bestowed upon her by Summers Farm in Frederick, where they have made a corn maze into the shape of her face.

Rather than making their maze into the shape of a local sports team or patriotic slogan, this year, Summers Farm has themed their corn maze around America’s pop princess. The maze depicts an image of her face as she sings into a microphone, along with the words “Dare to be Different.”

For fans who’ve wished to get up close and personal with Taytay, now’s your chance.

The corn maze opens September 26, and will remain open through November 1. Tickets are $11.95, and they include access to other fall activities at the farm, such as a hayride, pumpkin patch, and a visit to the barnyard animals. Tickets can be purchase on Summers Farm’s website.

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