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Local TV Commercials You Remember If You Grew Up in Washington

1) Theater Vision

Joe Jacoby’s delivery really makes this one. Don’t get too excited, Joe! Here’s a nice remembrance of other Theater Vision spots.

2) Mr. Ray’s

Can’t get enough Mr. Ray? Here’s a short clip about the man himself.

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3) Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do

Apologies in advance–you’ll be singing this all day. “Call USA-1000…”

4) Peoples Drug

Warning: This one gets a little dark unexpectedly.

5) Riggs Bank

As it happened, “your money” wasn’t exactly the problem in the end.

6) Hot Shoppes

Where else were you going to go with your grandmother?

7) Belmont TV

Another classic local jingle.

8) Erol’s

Got two dollars? Prepare to be entertained! Also, does anyone else remember when Erol’s was an internet access provider?

9) Hecht’s

“Especially for you…”

10) Woodward & Lothrop

A twofer, featuring a spot for non-local chain Western Auto just beforehand.

11) Hechinger

A lot of terrific Hechinger commercials are still available on YouTube. It was hard to narrow down the choice on this one!

12) Garfinckel’s

“Did you Garfinckel today?…In a topcoat?”

13) Q107

It was a good station, too!

Bonus track!

This isn’t a commercial, but it appears to be some vintage footage of Commander Salamander in Georgetown.

OK, what did I miss? Please send links to videos if you can find them: @abeaujon or

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