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You Must Remember…Connie Morella

The moderate Republican won eight terms representing Montgomery County.

Photograph by Jeff Elkins

“People Have Lost Their Trust in Congress”

—Connie Morella

Morella, 84, is a former US representative who served Maryland’s 8th Congressional District from 1987 to 2003. She was elected eight times despite being a Republican—a moderate one—in a district that consisted mostly of liberal Montgomery County. Still in public service, she sits on a handful of boards and teaches a seminar on women in politics at American University.

“I loved Congress. I’m still a political junkie. I chair the Franklin Center, which does outreach work with members of Congress. I work on what I think they need—getting to know each other. When they do that, they can disagree, but they listen to each other. I once did a fellowship at Harvard, where I taught a class—‘An Endangered Species: The Moderate in the US House of Representatives.’ I’d have to say now it’s an extinct species. I hope we can get the middle back. I have to chuckle when people say, ‘You’re the only Republican I ever voted for.’”

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