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Here’s How You Can Celebrate “Back to the Future Day” in DC

Image via Universal Studios.

For the average person, October 21, 2015 is just an ordinary Wednesday. But in Back to the Future II‘s world of DeLoreans, clock towers, and mad scientists with adorable dogs, it’s the day that Marty McFly arrives in futuristic Hill Valley. Here are some obvious and not-so-obvious ways in DC that you can celebrate this momentous occasion, which movie buffs have anxiously been awaiting for nearly 30 years.

Watch a screening: As part of the Washington West Film Festival, Bow Tie Cinemas in Reston—which has been temporarily renamed Hill Valleyis showing the entire Back to the Future series on Wednesday beginning at 7 PM. If that’s too overwhelming, consider heading to the Angelika Film Center in Fairfax, which is only showing the second installment (also at 7 PM). Additionally, many local Regal and AMC locations are screening the first Back to the Future at 4:29 PM, in honor of the exact time the DeLorean touched down in 2015 Hill Valley, or the entire trilogy.

Attend this Back to the Future-themed party: Considering director Robert Zemeckis‘s lofty technological predictions in Back to the Future II, this free App Association-hosted reception, which promises Pepsi and hydrated pizza, seems fitting.

Watch the Chicago Cubs: The Cubs may be down 2-0 to the New York Mets in the National League Championship Series, but according to Zemeckis’ film, they’re supposed to win the World Series this year. Head to Midwest-focused bar Ivy & Coney, but keep an eye out for Biff Tannen, who has an inside tip on the Cubbies.

Fly to Barcelona and ride a hoverboard prototype: Hoverboards may be commonplace in fictional 2015, but in the real world, they’re still uncharted territory. However, Lexus is working on one, and this Jalopnik article suggests it’s made significant progress.

See The Walk: Zemeckis’s new film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe Petit, who walked on a high-wire between the World Trade Center towers in 1974. More importantly, the movie reminds us of Zemeckis’ fixation on beloved tall buildings, black cables, and the threat of falling of to one’s death.

Listen to a Huey Lewis record: Lewis’ synth-pop classic “The Power of Love” is the trilogy’s unofficial theme song for its usage in the first film. Besides being forever linked to one of the great science-fiction film series, the lyrics really show off Huey’s bitter, cynical sense of humor.