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25 Places Around DC to Take Beautiful Fall Photos

Photograph by orthancam/iStock.

Pumpkin spice lattes, apple-picking, corn mazes…ahhh, fall. But aside from wearing flannel, drinking pumpkin beer, and running through fields of corn (all in that order, of course), there is the great American sport of leaf-peeping to look forward to.

Some areas surrounding Washington have already entered into peak fall colors (we’re looking at you, Shenandoah Valley), but DC seems to be holding out for Halloween and Veteran’s Day. Which means, you have a solid two weeks to take lovely, fall foliage photos and post them all over Instagram before winter is upon us.

Here are the 25 locations around DC where we recommend snapping said Instagram-worthy fall photos. And remember, these five tips will help you capture a seasonal landscape photo like a pro.

We’ll be sharing our favorite fall foliage Instagram snaps from around the District, so tag us in your photo and add the hashtag #WashingtonianFoliage.

1. Arlington Cemetery

Photograph via iStock.

2. Brookside Gardens

Photograph by Flickr user majunznk.

3. Georgetown

Photograph by Flickr user P. Morrissey.

4. Great Falls

Photograph by Diane Rice via Instagram.

5. Harper’s Ferry

Photograph via iStock.

6. Big Schloss

Photograph by Hong Le.

7. Constitution Gardens

Photograph by Flickr user John H. Gray.

8. Korean War Memorial

Photograph via iStock.

9. Tidal Basin

Photograph via iStock.

10. National Arboretum

Photograph via iStock.

11. Oak Hill Cemetery

Photograph by Hong Le.

12. Rock Creek Park

Photograph by Daniel Kiechle.

13. Shenandoah Skyline Drive

Photograph courtesy of Virginia Aerial Photography.

14. Theodore Roosevelt Island

Photograph by Flickr user clio1789.

15. Hillwood Estate

Photograph by Jessie Marcotte, courtesy of Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens.

16. Dumbarton Oaks

Photograph by Joseph Mills, courtesy of Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Washington, DC.

17. Meridian Hill Park

Photograph by Flickr user Mike Norton.

18. C&O Canal

Photograph by Flickr user Kevin Harber.

19. National Cathedral

Photograph via Flickr user Valerie Hinojosa.

20. The White House Gardens

Photograph via iStock.

21. Sugarloaf Mountain

Photograph via iStock.

22. Virginia vineyards (we recommend Chrysalis, Paradise Springs, Bluemont)

Photograph by Gordon Beall.

23. Middleburg

Middleburg, where the Salamander Resort & Spa is located, is surrounded by beautiful fall foliage. Photograph by Jim Hanna.

24. Glen Echo Park

Photograph courtesy of Glen Echo Park.

25. Mount Vernon

Photograph courtesy of Mount Vernon.