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Why DC Cops’ Bikes Cost $2200

And can also support a 300-pound officer.

Photograph by Jeff Elkins

DC’s Metropolitan Police Department recently added 210 custom-made mountain bikes to its fleet. Manufactured by Volcanic Bikes in Washington state, the bicycles are shipped to DC for assembly at District Hardware/the Bike Shop, a family-run business in Foggy Bottom. Here’s a look at the cops’ new ride.


Cost of each bike, delivered ready to ride, with a reflective decal on the top tube reading “police,” ensuring that no one mistake the bikes for civilian wheels.


Pounds of MPD officer that the hand-built aluminum can withstand, plus 20 to 30 pounds of gear in a trunk bag mounted on the specially reinforced rear.


Water-bottle cages, which often store items that cops like to have on hand, such as extra batteries.


Spokes per wheel, a relatively high count that Volcanic’s Jennifer Kackley says “helps support officers who may be a little bit bigger.”


Decibels put out by the siren, which has two modes: short and prolonged wails. The bikes also have flashing lights and a bell for non-emergencies.

This article appears in our December 2015 issue of Washingtonian.