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DC Ranked 8th Best Place to Live in the Nation

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The ranking king U.S. News and World Report is out with another list, this time evaluating the best places to live across the country.

Denver, with its outdoor allure and a sizzling brewery scene, took the top spot, followed by Austin, TX.; Fayetteville, AR.; Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; and Colorado Springs, CO.

Sliding into the number eight spot was our very own Washington, DC, as the highest-ranked city from the Northeast part of the country. The list pointed out DC’s diverse population, veritable sea of attractions, and thriving restaurant scene. It also called us clean (take that, New York, no rats stealing pizza–in plain view, at least–here) and relatively safe. Of course, the list also noted the high cost of living in the area, which we are all gallingly made aware of on a daily basis–and especially when we send in our mortgage or rent checks.

But like any outsider peering in, the listmakers perhaps thought they were paying us Washingtonians a compliment when they pointed out,

To the rest of the country, Washington, D.C., is the nation’s capital – and that’s it. It’s where lawmakers sit high and mighty, and it’s the scapegoat for every unpopular political decision. But those who live in the District are quick to point out that there’s more to their city than government.

Yep. We will keep pointing that out. Because it’s true. Exhibit A:

March Cover 2016

If you’re a little bummed that DC didn’t rank higher, just remember this: We beat San Francisco, who slid in juuuuust behind us at number nine.

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